Welcome, my fellow DIY Wedding couples!!!

These days, there are so many options for wedding design inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram, Wedding Blogs, etc.) - it's hard to know where to start.

That's where I come in.

As a former DIY Bride, I know exactly how overwhelming the whole wedding design process can be.

I am here to save you time and money on your wedding design.

I am here to reduce your wedding stress & overwhelm.

I am here to bring your wedding vision to life.

Let's start creating!!!

- Amanda Jean




I can completely relate to the struggles that come with designing a DIY wedding. My husband and I were a DIY wedding couple. I know it's no joke hot-gluing dozens of handmade tissue paper roses to a styrofoam ball. Take comfort, you're in good company.


They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and I would have to agree. I believe it's easier to communicate an idea through images. This is why I'll be including lots of moodboards to help inspire you on your wedding design journey.


100% Remote

One of my favorite things about my business is that it's 100% virtual. I love being able to communicate with clients from all over the world and help bring their wedding ideas to life.

Who am I???

Amanda Jean DuPont


I launched Gathered Here Designs (GHD) in 2019, with the dream of helping ease the design burden for couples designing their own weddings (aka DIY wedding couples). 


I believe weddings should be a time of joy & excitement, but unfortunately this often gets overshadowed by the stress of all the design details - I want to change that. 


My goal with GHD is to provide DIY wedding couples a design roadmap to create both a beautiful & meaningful wedding. Having been a DIY bride myself, I know the process of creating your "dream wedding" can be overwhelming.


My hope is this digital design package provides some design guidance for you and your fiancé, so you can create the wedding you have both been envisioning.

Is this

digital design product 


right for me???

This product is perfect for you if you're:

  • Designing your own wedding

  • Overwhelmed by all the wedding styles, themes and decor

  • Have no idea where to start when it comes to designing your wedding

  • Know in general what you want your wedding to look like, but not sure how to create it

  • You are NOT afraid to put in the effort to create your dream wedding, as long as someone guides you along the way

  • Want some guidance with where to purchase products that match your theme

  • Time & money are precious to you and you want to save on both

  • Need help with your wedding, but can't afford a full wedding designer

What does the product



Design Concept

The digital design package includes 2 different design concepts that fit within the woodland theme.

The 1st concept has more of a romantic moody woodland vibe. Think moss covered logs, dark florals & candle votives.

The 2nd concept is more rustic, with a nature-loving country vibe.

Each concept includes a moodboard, color palette suggestions, as well as details on which fabrics, florals and decor best fit each theme.

Style Breakdown

& Product Links

Each concept reviews the colors palettes, types of flowers, suggested textures and style of decor that work best with the style.

I include a total of 4 "Get This Look" breakdowns*, where I show you where to buy the items to recreate specific styled looks, as well as the details on how much it costs to recreate.

You can mix and match recommendations from each concept, to create a woodland wedding theme that best matches you and your partner's style.

*Access based on level of package you purchase.

Project Tutorials & Floral Styling Videos

The digital design package includes

2 "Get This Look" breakdowns for each concept (for a total of 4 total)*. Here I show you a look and provide details on where to purchase items to recreate the look on your own.

Also included are 2 DIY project tutorials, broken down with step by step instructions and images.

If you're wanting to do your own wedding flowers, you will LOVE the 3 floral design videos* I created. One on bridal bouquets, another on boutonnieres and the final one on the latest trend in wedding flowers: corsage cuffs.

My tutorials and videos provide you with practical information for pull off the design 

of your

 DIY Wedding.

*Access based on level of package you purchase.

Online Support

As a GHD client, you will get access to our private Facebook Group.


Here I share additional videos, design guidance, product suggestions and support.


It's made up of other DIY Wedding couples going through the same design struggles you might be experiencing.


It's a great place to ask questions, share ideas and connect with fellow DIY-ers.

For my diamond level clients, you will receive two 30 min 1:1 calls with me to discuss your specific wedding and any questions you may have.



What if I don't want *ALL*


the details???

Don't worry, I have you covered...

I have created 3 different levels of my digital wedding design package, so you have options.

Be sure to read what's included in each package below & pick the one that best fits you and your partner's needs!!!




What people saying...


Niko, DIY Bride


She somehow turned my incoherent rambles of ideas into a cohesive vision.


She thought of literally everything and laid out even the smallest details of my wedding and how to achieve them. She took the hard work out of my DIY projects by providing tutorials.


Most of all, she made my vision come to life!! Her mood boards matched my exact vision which will come in handy in the coming months to show my florist and pick out decor!

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 2.39.40 PM.png

Sam, DIY Bride


I highly recommend working with Amanda and Gathered Here Designs!

She was able to turn my random ideas into reality, into a real tangible road map for design! 

I can't say enough how helpful it was to turn a few ideas into a full image and concept of something that I can now see so clearly for our wedding day! 


Cynthia, Mother-of-the-Bride


We cannot thank Amanda enough and believe she is amazing at what she does!


I have 2 more daughters who will hopefully be getting married someday, and I will definitely be contacting her again.