DIY Wedding Flowers 101

DIY Wedding Flowers 101


Are you considering doing your wedding flowers yourself, but have no idea where to start??? You have come to the right place!!!


This self-guided eBook is over 20 pages and walks you through the basics of DIY-ing wedding flowers. It's a great place to begin, if you're feeling overwhelmed with your wedding flowers!!!


It will answer all your basic DIY wedding flower questions:

  • Where to get flowers
  • How many to order
  • How to design flowers
    • Includes video tutorials on how to design a bouquet, corsage cuffs & boutonnieres


This eBook will save you hours of TIME researching DIY flower info online. It will also give you the information you need to save big MONEY when it comes to designing your own bouquet over hiring a florist. As a former DIY Bride, I know a wedding florist is just not in the budget sometimes (no shame here, you can still have beautiful flowers without a big budget).


Whether or not you consider yourself a "creative person," you can do this - I'll show you how!

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    This digital product will be immediately downloadable, upon purchase.  The product contains links to products & exclusive videos. In order to access the links, you must have internet access. Item is intended for personal use ONLY and is NOT to be replicated or resold without the written permission of Gathered Here Designs, LLC.