Taking DIY Wedding couples from

a vague wedding IDEA to a

comprehensive digital design PLAN

When you're new to wedding design,

it can be hard to navigate all the options

(wedding inspiration overload, anyone?).

That's where Gathered Here Designs comes in.


We offer both custom & themed wedding design packages,

so you can create the wedding of your dreams,

without the stress & hours of time spent on research. 


We have already done the work for you. GHD has spent countless hours searching for the best color combinations, invitation options and decor to match your theme, so you don't have to!!!


Our digital packages provide details on:​​

  • Product suggestions that match your chosen theme

  • Key Elements (florals, linens, decor)

  • Tips & Tricks on saving $$$

  • DIY Project Tutorials

  • Design Concepts

  • Discount Codes

  • Color Palettes



Note: Amount of details included is based on product level purchased

Virtual Wedding Design

Helping DIY Wedding Couples go from

vague wedding ideas to a

comprehensive digital design plan


Wedding Design Packages


Each package includes:

  • Moodboards
  • Color palette suggestions 

  • Detailed breakdown of key elements (fabric, decor, flowers)

  • Product suggestions & cost breakdown of recreating various looks

  • Recommended products (invitations, party favors, guest books & decor)

Also included are:

  • Two 1:1 calls with me*

  • A list of recommended FREE resources

  • Lots of tips & tricks to help you save money

  • Special discount codes for certain products

  • A list of 18 trusted vendors I have personally worked with

  • 3 Floral Design Videos (bouquets, corsage cuffs, boutonnières)*

  • Access to my private Facebook Group offering DIY Wedding Support 

*Access based on package level purchased

How It Works

We make it easy to create the wedding you've both been dreaming of

Determine Your Wedding Style

Bohemian? Rustic? Modern? 

When it comes to wedding design, there are so many options to choose from!!! 

Once you explore the different design styles with your partner, decide which one speaks to you both and is a true reflection of who you are as a couple.


Need help?

Download my FREE 

wedding style discovery activity


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wedding style quiz

Choose a Design Package

Create Your Dream Wedding

All the Gathered Here Design packages include the following:

  • Moodboards

  • Design Concepts

  • DIY Project Tutorials

  • Floral Design Videos

  • Color Palette Options

  • Product Recommendations

  • Detailed Decor Breakdown 

and more.....

By using the details in your design package:

  • Determine which elements you want to incorporate in your wedding

  • Order the items you need via the product links in your package

  • Put together the design elements based on the layout in your design package

Love Notes from Past Clients


Niko, DIY Bride


I’m in the beginning stages of planning my wedding and Amanda has been amazing! She somehow turned my incoherent rambles of ideas into a cohesive vision.


She thought of literally everything and laid out even the smallest details of my wedding and how to achieve them. She took the hard work out of my DIY projects by providing tutorials.


Most of all, she made my vision come to life!! Her mood boards matched my exact vision which will come in handy in the coming months to show my florist and pick out decor!  

Screen Shot 2020-03-14 at 2.39.40 PM.png

Sam, DIY Bride


I highly recommend working with Amanda and Gathered Here Designs as soon as you have a feel for what you want out of your big day! 


I knew a couple very important-to-me key design elements and the feel we wanted for the day, and Amanda was able to turn my wishes into something real! 


She was willing to work with me and my busy schedule both in email or on the phone. 


She really took the time to get an idea of me and my fiancé, and what our visions were for the big day! She then was able to turn my random ideas into reality, into a real tangible road map for design! 


She provided color schemes, how-to's/videos, links to actual items I could purchase, assistance with vendors, the list goes on! I can't say enough how helpful it was to turn a few ideas into a full image and concept of something that I can now see so clearly for our wedding day! 


Amanda catered to what we wanted, she listened, she supported, and she provided the pieces to turn thoughts into a true plan! She is super sweet and helpful and every bride could benefit from working with her! 

Makayla, DIY Bride


Amanda helped us tremendously with designing & coordinating our wedding.


I am a very creative person & had so many ideas of things I wanted to make for the wedding, but I could not decide on an overall theme. That's where Amanda came in!!!


She made us a mood board for every wedding style we had debated to help us better envision what each style would look like. 

Her quiz from Gathered Here Designs website, also helped us hone in on our overall style & keep our wedding design focused.


Working with Amanda helped us narrow down the overall style of our wedding, as well as provide direction for all our DIY wedding projects.


Her eye for design & ability to understand our vision, resulted in a cohesive design & the wedding we  had been envisioning all along.